Cedar does not necessarily need to be protected.  In fact, its natural properties provide great resistance to variations in temperatures and humidity, which limits its deterioration and cracking.  Over time, cedar will naturally turn to a greyish color.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to preserve your furniture’s original appearance, we can apply a variety of coatings and make it practically ageless. When you buy something from Cedtek, expect to be able to pass it along to your grandchildren.

An infinite variety of colors
For our classic colors, such as, cedar, tech, dark-oak and mahogany, we use products that are renowned worldwide, www.sikkens.com.  These colored but translucent finishes will never chip off and will guarantee a perfect resistance to a wide array of climates.  We apply a first coat of Sikkens Cetol 1 and then two coats of Cetol 23, with sanding in between all coats.

For opaque colors, we apply an oil-based product as a first coat, and then two extra coats of Email-Plastic paint, fortified in polyurethane.

For the color white there is an additional charge of 25% on the price of the finish.

If ever you want a different color than the ones we usually offer, we can also apply the product of your choice for a little extra.

5 year warranty
At Cedtek, the methods used for the coating of your furniture are done in an optimal environment.  With wood being kept at a humidity rate of 11 degrees, and with preliminary sanding on all faces, we guarantee that your coating will not chip off for a period of five years, exept for teak one coat.

You already have outdoor furniture that needs to be refreshed, be it Cedtek furniture, Teak or others, we will be happy to restore them for you, contact us for a quote. In general, the cost for restoration of furniture originally manufactured by Cedtek is the finishing supplement in our price list

01 – Unpainted

03 – Teck Cetol 1 (translucent)

04 – Cedar (translucent)

05 – Teak (translucent)

06 – Dark Oak (translucent)

07 – Mahogany (translucent)

08 – White (opaque)

09 – Yellow (opaque)

10 – Lemon-Thyme (opaque)

11 – Red (opaque)

12 – Blue (opaque)

13 – Peppercorn (opaque)