High-end eco-responsible products 
All of our activities follow eco-responsible quality standards, from the cedar logs (Thuya accidentalis) to the fabrication of our furniture, nothing is left to chance. To prevent waste, we use as much wood as possible from every log, recycling what is left of it.  Contrarily to other materials, wood is a renewable resource.

Buying local 
The logs we use come from local forests. It comes from local owners, following a strict regeneration strategy and done with the highest respect for nature.  At the sawmill, wood is cut up according to our specific needs in order to assure an optimal quality.

Superior Quality 
When it gets to our workshop, all of our cedar planks are dried, planed, and then all the components of our furniture are chosen with great care. The control we have over our supply of wood allows us to obtain a quality that is superior to our competitors.  Our clients are unanimous about it.

Contrarily to our competitors whose component’s thickness is generally under ¾ inch, on our chairs, the seat and back areas are 7/8 inch thick, our armrests are 1 inch thick and all other support components are from 1 1/4 to 1 ¾ inch thick.  All of the pieces you will touch on a Cedtek’s furniture are knotless (seat and back parts, armrests and tabletops).  Perfectly sanded on all faces, our components are smooth and therefore splinters are not a concern.

Ten year warranty 
Such a method of fabrication allows us to offer a product of superior quality that has an exceptional durability.  We believe so firmly in the durability of our products that we offer a ten year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

Inox hardware
During assembly, our components are screwed and glued using water-repellent glue.  We use stainless steel bolts and screws so that your furniture will easily resist to all kinds of weather variations.  You can leave it all outside in perfect tranquility. In fact, cedar is a firm material that has the particularity of being highly resistant to variations in humidity and temperatures Furthermore, the particular odour of cedar—which is a joy to humans—is also an insect repellent.